Properly chosen shawl collar decorate even the most gray and boring well, it becomes stylish and spectacular. Designers who have transformed an unbelievable “loop around the door” into a stylish accessory such as minimalism, simplicity and originality of LICs. It does not take a long time to figure out how to tie a scarf collar – enough to wrap it around the neck a few times and everything – that’s done! How do I wear a scarf collar properly? Scarf collar fashion has become the world’s leader thanks to its versatility. This quality was meant by businesses and busy people who have no time to think – how can this scarf be worn this time? No matter what you’ve decided to wear a scarf collar – down jacket, classic jacket or coat. Scarf collar umestenv way ,. The main thing is to choose a scarf collar that’s right for you, and that’s not an easy task! Scarf collar: what should I wear? In a cold collared shawl – it’s an irreplaceable thing. Woven in clothes, he protects his owner from the cold and the wind. Shawl collar can be worn with a cover that will give it elegance.

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How to make a scarf at the neck of a woman A large selection of scarves generates the same number of ways to connect them. So the beautiful half of humanity can use described in the summer, and in winter, under all kinds of clothes. In the summer, in the middle of Russia, the weather is sunny and warm.
Therefore, under the dresses also fit scarves, light semi-natural fabrics. For them, all methods of binding the neck or the floor of a dress are approaching. Normal and custom knitted scarf. It usually has a rectangle, more rarely a square. Its length is different: from short, slightly more than one and a half meters to a length of five meters. They are several times wrapped around the neck, making them visually longer. The ends of a scarf, often decorated with brushes, fringes, pompons, create the effect of extra draperies and often gourmet decoration.

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