How it Works

Turning local strangers into friendly neighbors.

Chicago Magazine Classifieds is made uniquely for local and in-person commerce. Our mission is to create a fun, friendly and safe online venue that enables better and more personal face-to-face dealings between neighbors.

Stop dealing with strangers – it’s time to be neighborly!

How to Buy

Local and In-Person

Local and in-person commerce brings neighbors together and strengthens local economies. It also saves time, money and the hassle of packing, shipping and returns.

Chicago Magazine Classifieds is about what's right next door, not a billion anonymous results. On our classifieds, you’re not flooded with tons of results coming from who knows where. When listings are fewer and nearby, it creates a cozy environment that helps neighbors get to know neighbors and gives them first dibs on local treasures. Local commerce also means less static and fewer scams.

But it’s not only about safety, simplicity and investing in your local community. Actually seeing the item you're buying and hearing first hand the backstory, adds a layer of richness to the transaction that is difficult to replicate online.

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Local Makes Sense

It's Easier.

Would you drive across town to a hardware store if the exact same store was right next door? Probably not. Why buy something across the country when you can buy it right next door.

It's Safer.

Knowing that you are dealing with a certified neighbor helps everyone sleep well at night.

It's Cheaper.

It saves on packages, shipping and returns. E-sellers today are helping UPS, Federal Express and the US Postal service go to the bank.

It's Darn Good.

Investing in your local community builds local economies. And of course it’s better for the environment.

The Backstory

Chicago Magazine Classifieds was created for the love of garage sales, thrift shops, flea markets, street fairs and any place someone can thrift, scavenge, rummage, dream and discover local treasures. To obtain a vintage, secondhand or uniquely crafted item with a personal story is endearing, and endows an object with an importance that is priceless.

Most online shops and classifieds feel anonymous, and let’s face it, they are. We believe that people selling to people is a very personal activity, and through personal connection, the stories behind objects are passed along and cherished.

Today, the Internet has introduced a new streamlined way for individuals to buy and sell to each other. But what we’ve gained in speed, convenience and effectiveness, we’ve lost in conviviality, familiarity and fidelity.

We exist for people who love to find things by chance, search for bargains, get things for free or obtain a uniquely crafted item with a personal story. As scavengers ourselves, we want to touch the objects we buy, meet the people we buy them from and hear the stories they have to tell. But we also understand the value of the Internet and how it can help make the initial connection.

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We help neighbors connect for local and in-person commerce—taking advantage of all that the Internet has to offer—while retaining a personal and face-to-face relationship.
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AREA 17 is also behind Slash Paris, the premier art guide in Paris. Elle Magazine named our Slash iPhone app one of the best in France.

Behind the Curtain

Chicago Magazine Classifieds was created by AREA 17, an interactive agency in New York City and Paris, France. The truth of the matter is that we're a bunch of geeks that believe that the Internet has the ability to foster communities and bring people together. Cheesy, we know, but we are part French after all.

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